VET - MobIlIty project for VET Learners and Staff

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The mobility of learners:
A Vocational Training and Training internship for up to 12 months abroad This Activity is open to apprentices and students in vocational and vocational schools. These learners are placed in a job related to vocational education and training in another country. The learner is hosted either as a workplace (a business or other relevant institution) or a VET school (during a study-based period of study by working in a business or other relevant institution / organization). To ensure a high level of quality for the action, each mobility Activity is organized in a quality framework agreed upon by the sending and host organizations / organizations, including a Learning Agreement. Learning outcomes are officially recognized and verified at an institutional level and the course content is matched to ensure that the course of mobility abroad is registered by the apprentice / VET student. In order to strengthen the employability of young people and facilitate their transition to the labor market, new graduates of vocational education and training schools or enterprises offering apprenticeships can also participate in this activity. Personnel mobility: Teaching / training assignments: this Activity enables the staff of Vocational Education and Training schools to study in a joint VET school abroad. The Activity also permits personnel in the company to conduct training at a VET institution abroad.

Staff Education:

This Action supports the professional development of VET staff by providing them to be recruited in a business or any other VET institution or to have an on-the-job training / observation period.

Sending institution / organization: It is obliged to choose VET learners / staff and send them abroad.

Host institution / organization: It is obliged to meet the VET learners / staff and to offer them a program of activities or to benefit from an educational activity provided by VET staff.

HEALTH SERVICE: Berlin-Cologne, Germany
FURNITURE: Berlin-Germany / Skopje-North Macedonia
HAIR CARE: Berlin, Cologne Germany / Vienna-Austria / Skopje-North Macedonia
PLUMBING: Flensburg, Berlin,Cologne-Germany / Vienna-Austria / Skopje-North Macedonia
AUTOMOTIVE: Berlin, Cologne, Flensburg - Germany / Vienna-Austria / Antalya-Türkiye / Skopje-North Macedonia
ACCOUNTING: Berlin, Cologne - Germany / Helsinki - Finland / Vienna-Austria / Antalya- Türkiye / Skopje-North Macedonia
ELECTRIC-ELECTRONIC: Berlin, Cologne- Germany / Antalya- Türkiye / Vienna-Austria/ Skopje-North Macedonia / Rotterdam-The Netherlands
CHILD DEVELOPMENT: Ljubljana - Slovenia / Vienna, Austria / Skopje, North Macedonia / Berlin, Cologne-Germany / Rotterdam-The Netherlands
TOURISM & HOSPITALITY: Berlin, Cologne-Germany / Vienna, Austria / Antalya, Türkiye / Skopje, North Macedonia
FOOD-BEVERAGE SERVICES: Berlin, Cologne,Germany / Barcelona, Spain / Helsinki, Finland / Antalya, Turkey / Skopje,North Macedonia